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The overall setting is a maritime area, the Hazard Coast, on the west edge of an ocean. The region is roughly between 45 and 50 degrees north latitude. This is comparable (on the real Earth) to Washington state, Labrador, Normandy and the Channel Islands, Sakhalin Island and the Kuriles; the same latitude south is Patagonia and the southern end of New Zealand. Climatically, the comparison with Labrador is probably the most apt. Summers are mild and pleasant, winters harsh, snowy, and cold. The mainland is mostly off the “campaign map”. The lands include the Karagon Peninsula (which is a part of the mainland), three large islands (Avar Island, Belegrod Island, and the Wilderisle), three well-populated smaller islands (Greenpit Island, Harstle Island, and Pied Island), and a large number of yet smaller islands, some populated, some not. The Lost Coast, another part of the mainland, also appears, though you’ll have to be higher level before you’d want to risk going there.

The mainland is largely off the map to the west, with only two small areas (the Karagon peninsula and the Lost Coast) included in the map. The main current along the coast is moving from south-southeast to north-northwest. The prevailing winds vary by season. From mid-October through April the winds are primarily from the northwest and often stormy, bringing frigid continental air masses, snow, and freezing conditions throughout most of the region. Thick fog over the water is common in this season. (Sea ice, however, almost never occurs here.) From early May into October, the prevailing winds are from the southwest, much more moderate, carrying warm air (with episodic patterns of warm, moist subtropical air, including sometimes violent thunderstorms) and fair conditions favorable to early wooden sailing vessels.

The Hazard Coast is a small remnant of a large empire (the ‘old empire’) that was all but destroyed in the Great Horror about 200 years ago.

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